ICC T20 World Cup 2021

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People will be surprised to know that it has been revealed by ICC that the next T20 World Cup for men will be hosted by UAE and Oman. The date is issued according to which ICC will be hosted by the regarding countries from 17th October and 14th November 2021. The basic reality is that the 7th edition of the ICC T20 World Cup was the duty of Australia.

Moreover, Australia was to be held the 7th edition of ICC T20 World Cup in October 2020, but Cricket Australia backed off from organizing the tournament and the Australian Government cancelled all the International Events in the country due to Covid-19.

It is also revealed in a video conference between ICC and BCCI on 8th August 2020 that India will host ICC T20 World Cup 2021 in October. It is planned that the World Cup is to be held in October. Nonetheless, Australia keeps the hosting rights for the 2022 edition of T20 EC.

Moreover, when the situation of Covid-19 went out of control in India, then ICC decided to shift the venue to UAE and Oman.

Furthermore, it is also better for the entire world amidst the deadly situation of Covid-19 which is prevailing in the surrounding countries.

And it is surprising to know that it will be the 7th season of the ICC T20 World Cup. There are total 16 times that will be participating in this T20 WC 2021.


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